A Film By Marjorie Sturm

A feature documentary about the writer JT LeRoy - Ethically charged, controversial, and confusing, JT’s life and death sprang open a Pandora’s box of powerful questions about literature and culture, identity and celebrity, and the reality of the society we live in. Fraud? Art? Mental illness?Complicity? The Cult of JT Leroy is a testament to this bizarre and elaborate story that has captured the attention and fascination of the world’s media, and perplexes to this day.

Edited/Co-Produced by Josh Melrod. Music composed by Ernesto Diaz-Infante.

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Hooray! "The Cult of JT LeRoy" won another JURY PRIZE! Oslo/Fusion International Film festival, September, 2015!! The film won the JURY PRIZE at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival in February 2015 as well!

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