Feb 21, 2019- The Cult of JT LeRoy is now streaming on Docurama.

Jan 31, 2018- Director Marjorie Sturm participates in Vanity Fair Confidential's "The Boy Who Cried Author" which is airing on February 12th. It includes footage that was optioned from "Cult".

May 16th, 2017- OUTtv, a cable channel out of Canada, has picked up Cult to broadcast. Premieres May 26th. We appreciate the continued interest!

February 19th, 2017- Cult now has educational distribution on Kanopy. Check streaming links.

January 28th, 2017- Cult is screening at the Pageant Theater in Chico at 3:00.

November 26th, 2017- Cult is screening in London at the Vault Film Festival on February 4th. Thank you, Niger Asije!

October 1st, 2016- So Cult  is screening at the Catálogo Asterisco Festival in Argentina this November. Honored to be a part of this Human Rights Festival. 

June 17th, 2016- The Cult of JT LeRoy is screening on Saturday, July 16th at the Queensland Art Gallery-Gallery of Modern Art as part of a cinema program called "In Character", developed in response to the works featured in the exhibition of "Cindy Sherman" (GOMA, 28 May- 3 October 206). It brings together a cast of actresses and characters who challenge our expectations for the behaviour, desire, and physicality of women onscreen. 

April 15th, 2016- We are so happy that the film is now streaming on iTunes, SundanceNow Doc Club, Fandor, and right off this very site!! Thank you so much for all of the kind words and support along the way!

February 21, 2016-- We're so excited that the film is releasing to the public. The Cult of JT LeRoy is streaming directly off this website via VHX. As well, it is on FANDOR where apparently it has been #1 in 'Popular Releases' since it started streaming. There's more distribution news to share soon . . . and we'll include some new interesting links soon. Thanks for checking in, and stay 'authentic.'

January 10, 2016-- Alabama Premiere in Birmingham at the SideWalk Series taking place on the 19th. Getting ready to release the film to the public . . . some exciting news!!

December 1, 2015--The Cult of JT LeRoy had an Encore screening at Leeds International Film Festival last month. Be sure to check out the insightful analysis ("For a primordial lesson in the dark arts") from iD in the Links section from the London screening. Cult is having its' Arizona premiere at the Exploded View Gallery in December. Thanks for checking in!

LIFF29 Laurels.gif

October 19, 2015--October is an exciting month for Cult. It kicked off at the Appalachian Queer Film Festival, and then went on to have an Encore Screening at Festival de Rio in Brazil. It played in Sydney at the Antenna Documentary Film Festival, and is having its' Spanish Premiere at LesGaiCineMad, followed by its' Polish Premiere at The American Film Festival. November's screenings include the UK Premiere at Leeds International Film Festival, followed by a London screening at Fringe! Queer Art and Film Festival. Indie Memphis is screening the film the first weekend of November--writer/director Brian Pera, who appears in the film, will be doing the Q&A. RIDM-The Montreal International Documentary Festival is screening "Cult" the second weekend of November.

October 6, 2015-- A month ago we were honored to be a part of RIDM-the Montreal International Documentary Festival's "early unveil" of films, along with Chantal Akerman's No Home Movie. We are saddened by her sudden death which is believed to be a suicide. May her brilliance and feminism continue to inspire ad infinitum.

September 10, 2015--We are thrilled to share that The Cult of JT LeRoy won the JURY PRIZE for Best Documentary at the Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival!! It's really such a wonderful high that the film is being so well-appreciated! It was also recently announced that the film is screening at Festival de Rio in Brazil with a most incredible line-up of films. 

Septmeber 10, 2015--It was just announced that The Cult of JT LeRoy will be part of two more prestigious festivals! It's an honor to continue to be part of these great line-up of films. The Antenna Documentary Film Festival out of Sydney, check it out! As well, "The Cult of JT LeRoy" was part of Montreal International Documentary Festival's "early unveil" for their 2015 line-up. Check out SAD magazine's recent interview with Director Marjorie Sturm. Thanks for checking in. Stay "authentic" everybody!

Septmeber 3, 2015--Some really interesting reviews and analysis from the screenings at Melbourne Intnernational Film Festival and Vancouver Queer Film Festival, along with a lengthy inteview in IndieWire. Lots of festivals around the corner! It is screening in Portugul at Queer Lisboa, along with two screenings in Italy! CineAgenzia is hosting! Hoot! Hoot! It's also playing in Norway at the Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival! If you missed the film at Outfest, Southern California is getting another chance at the Palms Springs Film Festival. This is all going on in September! October there's more to announce . . . I will add just one. JT LeRoy is going back to his roots at The Appalachian Queer Film Festival. How cool is that? Thanks for your interest, and be sure to check out the LINKS page.

July 14th, 2015--Thrilled to announce that Cult will be screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival on August 4th and 6th. As well, it will be screening at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival in mid-August. It was chosen by a programming committee member as "the documentary highlight" of the festival.

June 8th, 2015-- Cult has two more incredible upcoming screenings in July! Pleased to announce that it will be showing at Outfest in Los Angeles as well at the Durban International Film Festival in South Africa. May's screening in Portland and Mammoth Lakes were just a blast. Lots of great new reviews . . . check out the links section.

Outfest LA_Laurels2015_OS (2).jpg

April 29, 2015--Three upcoming screenings in May: Cult is having its' Portland premiere at the QDoc festival on May 16th! Also screening at the Mammoth Lake Film Festival on May 29th, and there's a special screeing in South Dakota with Skype interview on the 27th. Check out the links for the recent reviews. Thank you to everyone for all of the support! We appreciate the film being so well received. Stay in touch, like The Cult of JT LeRoy on Facebook and follow us on twitter at @cultofjt 

April 8, 2015--Hurrah! "Cult" is screening April 11th at the Boston LGBT Film Festival, as well as at the White River Junction Film Festival in Vermont!

March 19, 2015--Thrilled to announce that "Cult" is going to have its' International Premiere at HOT DOCS in Toronto in April!! Hurrah! As well, it's off for its' Southeast Premiere at the Florida Film Festival! (Which looks like a sweet time!) There's more upcoming news, stay tuned . . .

February 24, 2015--Hooray! "The Cult of JT LeRoy" won the Jury Prize for Best Documentary Feature at the SF Indiefest!! A thousand unexpected dollars and a boost of momentum . . .

March 13-19, 2015--Excited to announce that The Cult of JT LeRoy will have its' first theatre engagement at the Roxie Theatre in San Francisco! Consult with them for tickets and showtimes!!

February 7, 8, 15 2015--The Cult of JT LeRoy will be playing at the Roxie Theatre in the Mission with SF Indie Fest! And check out the latest press and interviews in the Links section

November 14, 2014--The Cult of JT LeRoy had its' World Premiere at DOC NYC on November 14th, 2014~! It was better received, and went more wonderfully than we ever could have imagined. Stay tuned for more festival updates! And check out the 'Links' to read some recent Press!


September 13, 2013-- The documentary recently received another generous round of funding from Lucille and Theodore P. Chuffers Esquire. We are moved and thankful!!